Founded in 2013, UNIPX GROUP is a fast growing company within UNIPX MEDIA as the brand management subsidiary and UNIPX.COM as the multi-platform media subsidiary. As an international company, UNIPX GROUP has its headquarters in New York City and Shanghai. The business areas of brand management company UNIPX MEDIA mainly involve fashion, entertainment, technology, sports, finance, music, film and television, digital media and automobiles.

As one of the organizers of the New York Fashion Week, UNIPX MEDIA continuously holds the high-end fashion shows and events for Asian high-end apparel brands and designers to facilitate the exchanges and cooperation between Asia and the United States in fashion, culture, and entertainment. In addition, within the team of 13 years experiences in event planning, UNIPX MEDIA also helped other international brands to organize cooperate events and perform brand PR activities.

UNIPX MEDIA also cooperated with other international high-end events and awards; provide international corporate communications and business cooperation opportunities for domestic corporate brands and celebrity artists from Asia. It has built a cultural bridge between East and West.

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